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about us.

Nillin Consulting helps companies with event management, business development and internationalization. Working together to find ways for more sustainable solutions. 

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Need help with your event? Do you want to reach international markets, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like you are not using your company to its full potential? Do you want more engagement and motivation from your employees? 

Nillin Consulting can help you with all of these. Contact us and we can figure out how to be of help to you and your company. 


Our focus.

We want to make a change in the world, one step at a time.
Sustainable Solutions

We are looking at ways to make the business world more sustainable.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Increase your CSR image through "triple-p"
(people, planet, profit)


Innovative Solutions

We are looking to find new and innovative ways to do business and networking.


New Technology
to you

We will find the new trends in the industry, and try to bring the newest technology to you for easier acces.


Our Products

Here you find some examples of what we can do for you

Event Management and Consulting

Helping your event stand out, help with project and resource management, sustainable solutions, event production, volunteer staff management etc. 


Business Development and Consulting

Helping with resource optimization, business development, change management, team management, how to engage and inspire your workforce, product development etc.



Helping your company to break to international markets, connecting with the right connections and departments to make it possible, networking assistance. We specialize in the North American markets. 



Helping you to get more information and solutions on how you and your company can be more socially responsible. We will bring you what is new in the industry and find ways to co-create new solutions for a better future for all. 


Why Select Us?


We will find the best possibilities for you to take your business to the next level. 

Innovative Co-operation/ Internationalization

We will help you to create something new or improve existing in an innovative way. 

We can help you to enter international markets. 

Charity work

Through our work, we aim to raise money to charities or create a way to do good for your community or the environment through other channels. 

Sustainable Solutions

We aim to increase your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by acting in the best interests of your environment and society.  Voluntary dedication of business towards sustainable development, resulting in benefits for society (people), environment (planet) and the economy (profit). 

We Keep Our Deadlines

We will deliver what we promise, by when we promise.

Brand Development and Marketing

We will find ways to develop your brand in new ways and raising your PR value. Help in social media and developing meaningful campaigns. 


Contact Us

You can contact us via this form or email us: [email protected]
Linda Nilsson

[email protected]
+358 45 787 44410

Nillin Consulting

Tampere, Finland

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