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By Linda Nilsson

Sustainable solutions and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is something that is talked a lot currently in the business world. Such subjects are also something affect how people make their purchasing decisions. It is important for the companies to take a look into their own processes. How are they doing things? Are there maybe ways to do things better?

Is there a way to somehow decrease the carbon footprint that the company leaves into the world? Maybe if that is not possible, is there a way to compensate in another way? Could you be doing something though a donation? Volunteering for a cause? Partnering up with a company that does things in a more environmentally friendly way?

I am not a specialist in the environmental subjects, but I am hoping to bring some thoughts and discussion around the subjects. Hoping to bring such professionals together with companies and develop something great together.

How can you make a change? Not all changes have to be big, even little things add up! This blog will be discussing these subjects and hopefully will spark some ideas to you as well.

If many little people in many little places do many little things they can change the face of the earth.

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“How can you make a change? Not all changes have to be big, even little things add up!”

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