The Inspiring Next Generation

It has unfortunately been a while since I was able to write on the blog due to several big life changes. All positive this time! 😊

There are several situations in your life when you have to stop to really think what is important for you. These situations unfortunately are more often negative than positive, but yet they do happen. For me the trend seems to be that the older I get, the more often these situations arise.

The Next Generation

I don’t know if it is the age, or the fact that I am a mother, but I have been recently scared about what kind of world I am leaving behind for my teenage daughter, what is really left of this world? I wanted to do something about it but felt like there is nothing I can do to change it for better, an impossible task. I am just one person. The more I was thinking about it though, the more I realized that it is not about how much I can do as one person, but more about if everyone does even something, then maybe those little things will add up into something bigger?

One does not have to look far to see a great example of what one person can do and motivate, when you are working towards something and ready to put your heart into it.  Greta Thunberg, the now 16 year old activist from Sweden, who began protesting outside the Swedish parliament about the need for immediate action to combat climate change. Her determination and bravery is special, but a statement, that no one is too young, small or insignificant to inspire change in people. I am amazed with the new generation, the new innovations and inventions that people are coming with to help decrease the effects of climate change. Just amazing to see how much has happened within just one year even.

I read an article written by Yle News (Finnish News) last month about the Youth who pledged to plant 100 million trees to combat climate change (read the whole article from here). This was written based on the climate action plan that was done in Helsinki World Environment Day 2019, at the Wold Summit of the Students for Climate, nearly 150 kids from 70 counties. What this meant was that the students spoke about the effects of climate change in their countries and discussed it together and figure out ways how to combat it. They also had a dedicated day to learn how to plant trees, Yle News advices. How amazing is this? That such things are being held and actual actions taken.

I have not done nearly as much or even close to what these youngsters have done and the motivation for my company now is, to help people like me. The people who did not know much about the sustainability, climate change or social responsibility. Help both people and companies to make even small little steps to make changes in their daily lives, as well as their business decisions, to become more conscious about the choices we make. You do not have to become 100% renewable everything in a day but do your best to start making your way to that direction! Anything helps!

It is wonderful to see that several governments are now starting to ban the single use plastics, rewarding cars and companies who are decreasing their Co2 emissions.

The mid-summer festivities are starting in Finland, when sun doesn’t go down. A lot of parties, celebrations, people at their cottages. Have fun you all but also remember, please collect your trash etc. and leave the nature the way you found it.

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